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Sussex Chainsaw Milling
Locally Sourced Timber. Sustainability re-invented at home.

About us

Simon Parsons has over 17 yrs of arboriculture experience, so is well versed in the safe use of chainsaws, both on the ground and aerially and is qualified and fully insured for all activities.

However, milling is a natural progression as over the years he has seen many a fine specimen of tree go to waste. Either as firewood, wood chip or as fuel pellets for the bio-mass power stations.


After purchasing his own mill over a year ago to utilize some of his own wood for home projects, Simon now seems to get many requests for his services with the mill.

So much so, that he recently bought and rebuilt the largest production Stihl chainsaw, the Stihl 090AV.

At 137cc this chainsaw now allows Simon to mill even the largest of trees up to 54 inches and was also recently used in cross cutting a monster 8ft Oak tree near Ockham in Surrey Before being sent to a specialist mill.


By utilising locally sourced timbers and saving on the road miles the wood will travel, Simon further minimises his environmental impact by using a 2-stroke alkylate petrol called Aspen2. It contains no sulphur, benzene or aromatics. It is therefore much better from a personal health aspect to use than regular petrol and also cleaner for the environment.

Measuring a large Oak

A monstrous 8ft Oak

Woodland Burr Oak

Milling Wild Cherry

Woodland Oak beam

Custom Oak bench