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Sussex Chainsaw Milling
Locally Sourced Timber. Sustainability re-invented at home.

We offer

With clients looking for high quality wood products such as planks and burrs, it makes perfect sense to use your own tree with the satisfaction that you know its history.


All of our timber is locally sourced from dead, dying or windblown trees in Sussex and we can tell you exactly where each tree came from.


With many UK species offering diverse grain and timber coloration its a shame just to use them for firewood. We mill a variety of timbers including spalted Holly, Sycamore, Ash and Cherry to name a few. So what ever tree species you have for milling, the likely hood is it will offer you something tropical hardwoods wont. Its local!


The term “sustainability” is often used for many things, but utilising your own dead tree for your use brings a new meaning to the word.


We can:


Safely fell or dismantle your trees

Cut boards for flooring

Beams for fire mantles

Planks for outside seating

Blanks for wood turning

Sizes from ¼ inch up 13 inches thick

Dimensional timbers. i.e. 4 x 4” or 4 x 2” etc.

Kiln dry your wood for internal use



Milling Rates

Half day (4hrs on site) £180

Full day (8hrs on site) £290


Mileage charged extra for distance work over 35miles from Rh20

This does not include site clear up.